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A Look At Some Trending Home Office Design Ideas

The concept of a home office started during the pandemic and it is here to stay. If you run a business, one will desire that it continues simply because it makes no sense to rent out commercial properties for a higher price. The cash outflow for monthly recurring rentals would rather be utilised for business expansion. This is the reason why being a business owner, you would desire to continue operations from the confines of sweet home. All this is fine, but at the same time, it is important to focus on having a nice home office design. You may have converted some part of the home into an office and the need of the hour is to make it look beautiful through designs. 

It is a workstation and this is the reason why this space must look tidy, nicely designed, and functional. There is surely a need to incorporate some changes, but you could be confused about what precisely to do here. One must consult the professionals and it would be prudent that you seek assistance from a top interior designer in Kolkata. It is only an interior designer who will tell you what to do. These professionals are known to create space out of thin air. Here are some design ideas that you can incorporate into your home office. 

A Home Office Desk that Does it All

One of the first selections to make will be the desk. The home office concept should be a permanent solution and hence, you will need a big large desk that can fit in everything. The tendency has been to use desktops for official work and the desk must accommodate it nicely, Your work will need more electronic items and there should be space to keep aside the coffee mug. This is the reason why you must have a large desk and your interior designer will help to make the selection. 

You must Create an Environmentally Friendly Home Office Space

The design trend this year has been to create an environmentally friendly space and you can incorporate this theme into your home office.  The surroundings should have plenty of natural materials such as wood, glass. You would surely desire to bring colour into this space and it would be perfect to seek inspiration from nature. Look to get some paintwork done on this space with colours such as green, blue. This is the way you can bring about a fresh feeling into this space. The colour on the walls of this space will help to hide any dirt.  The signs of mould, mild dew formation on the walls do not look good and they will disappear, once you give it a fresh coat of paint. 

Look to bring Nature into this Space

A popular trend has been to incorporate natural themes into the home offices. It is on expected lines because due to the pandemic, we are detached from nature for quite some time.  The transformation to a home office means that there will be little connection with nature. There are two things that you can do here to revive the connection with nature. 

      • The first thing will be to bring in more natural light into this space. Hence, one can have large doors, windows for this space and this paves way for natural light to enter. An east-facing window should allow daylight to penetrate through the room. Instead of thick curtains, one can have blinds for this space. 
      • The other thing that you can do is to have more plants in the room. They bring about a splash of colour and freshness into the room.

One can Stick to Classics

The home office design trends this year should be all about sticking to the classics. One can have for this space symmetrical settings and balance contrast. There is the scope to create a difference with the correct use of textures. The use of rich textures such as wood, leather is bound to create the wow impact from onlookers. You can perfectly plan the accessories on the walls with the interior designer of your project. Some unique accessory selection should transform this space beyond your imagination.

The Art Deco Theme is Back

The art deco concept of designs is back for home offices all over the city of Kolkata. This design is all about having a blend of neutral and dark colour combinations. One can think of incorporating luxury into this space in the form of glamorous lamps. We have already spoken about large tables and one can have an armchair in the office space. As the interior designer incorporates this theme into your space, there should be plenty of reflective surfaces in the area. There could be mirrors, glass, crystals whatever you desire in the space. It is a nice design theme to incorporate into your home office, but it will only be possible if the space is large. You can show the space to the Kolkata interior designer and he can suggest, whether this theme is possible or not

You can have a Balanced Environment

The scope of work is immense as you sit down to discuss interior designs for your home office. It all depends upon your tastes, preferences and one can have a balanced environment. This is also a trend that has become popular lately. The key will be to have neutral colours in this space to avoid distraction. If you have darker colours on the walls, one can have contrasting colours for the accessories. The use of white, soft green & dusty pick can give this place a neutral, balanced tone.

You can make a Difference with Lights

If you are exploring better interior designs, you can also play around with lights. There are plenty of light styles that one can incorporate into this space. It depends upon the room and if you have a high ceiling, one can think of hanging pendants. If you have a small room then this will not look good and recessed lighting will be a better idea. Since it is an office space, you will be doing work, one can think of focal lights closer to the desks. You can always discuss with the interior designer and it is via some unique light installation, they will make this space look different. A clever selection of lights can create wonders for this space.

A Space to Decompress

This is a space, which you can insist upon if the area is big. It is important to take breaks after a long duration of work. In a normal office, you would have some chats beside the coffee machine, but that is not possible in a home office. Hence, you can have a separate space created to take breaks. The idea will be to shift from the normal chair and sit on something more comfortable. This is the best way you can freshen up the mind. You could always speak to the interior designer for your project and insist upon comfortable lounge chairs in this space.

Add Some Custom Touches

The home office design concepts are today about something more than just creating a productive space.  There is always the scope to personalise this space by adding some custom touches. Look to include some eye-catching colours such as powder blue, rose gold into your workspace. How about having some custom built-ins to this space? One can create a space to store all the files,  This should help to make the area clutter-free and these inclusions are bound to make the space highly efficient, functional. This is just what you will be looking for in a workplace.

Look to make the Space Energy Efficient

Kolkata is a hot city and we are stepping into the gruelling summer. This is the time when you will be having your AC machine on for basic comforts. You could ask the interior designer to have properly sealed doors, windows. This will make sure that there will not be an exchange of air with the outside world. This way you can make the space energy efficient. This will also make sure that there is less pressure on the AC unit because it is now in operation for a much smaller time. The benefits are more as we say that this should lead to soundproofing and noise from the outside will not come in. It should allow you to concentrate on your work.

Home Office Interior Designer


Here we have discussed in detail the modern design trends for home offices this year in the city of Kolkata.  You can make a selection and incorporate a theme into your home office.  There is however a need for professional execution of the design ideas. You need someone experienced to be by your side implementing these design themes. If you are searching for an experienced interior designer here in the city of Kolkata, then DS INFRA is the right place for you. We are Kolkata-based interior designers who have tons of experience in their field. They know what it takes to create a difference in your home office in Kolkata with some unique design work. They are a team, which is known to offer quality design work at affordable prices. We are here to present you with a stylishly designed, comfortable workstation at any Kolkata location.

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