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Modular Kitchen Prices in Kolkata for homes

The concept of the kitchen has gradually evolved over time. The modern kitchen serves more purposes than just cooking. If you have a modular kitchen, you can customize it to your needs. This sort of kitchen is extremely appealing because of it.

We are the greatest interior designers for a kitchen and have been in this field for a very long time at our company, DS Infra, a modular kitchen designer in Kolkata.

We encourage you to visit DS Infra, a modular kitchen designer in Kolkata, for the following reasons:

  • Such a functional kitchen will make cooking enjoyable for you and will quickly make your home look more stylish. An attractive, conveniently accessible cabinetry system serves as the centerpiece of a modular kitchen.
  • Modular kitchens are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they may also add some more room to your house. We will work with you to design your kitchen so that it fits the size and configuration of the space.
  • Time savings is one of the main justifications for designing a modular kitchen. The installation process will go more quickly. since all of the parts are prefabricated and maybe fix customized mixed.
  • It used to be the case that modular kitchens were only seen in extremely luxurious homes, but that is no longer the case. For a modular kitchen, we promise to offer the best price in Kolkata.

Modular Kitchen designer in Kolkata DS INFRA

Do you need a reputable Modular Kitchen Service in Kolkata?

The quest is over here. We are the top Modular Kitchen Contractors and Modular Kitchen designers in Kolkata. More than 200 modular kitchen projects have been completed by professionally qualified architects of DS Infra, a Modular Kitchen designer in Kolkata.


Whether you are cooking or just relaxing in the kitchen in your leisure time, it is the room in the house where we spend the most time.

DS Infra, a Modular Kitchen designer in Kolkata produces kitchen cabinets in accordance with the client’s choices for quality, pricing, design, and service.


DS Infra, a Modular Kitchen designer in Kolkata do more than just put in new cabinets; they improve your house by making good use of the available space. We will assist you in making your choice when you search for modular kitchen manufacturers in Kolkata and get everything to function effectively.

Certain issues must be resolved in traditional kitchens. These issues are avoided with modular kitchen designs, which also allow you to customize your kitchen while staying within your budget and available space. Different components, including PVC panels, modular cabinets, various materials, and accessories, were used to construct these kitchens. We anticipated that this would be a little perplexing for you guys, so let’s discuss the variations among modular kitchen designs.

Some crucial kitchen design factors of DS INFRA

However, do you know why modular kitchens are so common these days? Why should your kitchen be upgraded as well? Let’s examine some of the factors that make the most recent kitchen designs and architectural styles so crucial.


  • Your current area will be turned into a chic, roomy kitchen, allowing you to take on less work.
  • You have a variety of alternatives, layouts, color schemes, and features from which to choose, so you may tailor the design of your kitchen to suit your demands.
  • It is the ideal design for people who frequently travel from one place to another because it is portable and simple to assemble.
  • While modular kitchen designs can be pricey, there are now many different layouts and color schemes that can be selected depending on the client’s budget.
  • Customization is feasible based on your needs and the amount of available space.


Why should you consider using DS Infra, a Modular Kitchen designer in Kolkata for your modular kitchen in Kolkata?

 Why would people go somewhere else when they can acquire everything, they need for a kitchen in one place? Even if our work speaks louder than words, we nevertheless realize you will need justification for selecting our modular kitchen services in Kolkata.

Let's discuss why we are the greatest option for a budget-friendly kitchen remodel;

  • Professional & Reliable – We have been working in the field of designing kitchen interiors for many years. A dull kitchen can be made interesting with our help. We make sure that each client receives excellent work at fair costs.
  • Affordable: More than half of the people give up their aspirations of owning a modular kitchen because they believe it would be too expensive. Now not at all! According to customer needs, DS Infra provides affordable modular kitchen services.
  • Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Because we strive to be customer-centric, we provide the option of a personalized modular kitchen, allowing you to adapt or modify any designs to your liking or disliking.
  • High-Quality Materials – Whether it be for timber work or polishing services, we do not skimp on the quality of the materials. Making sure that our customers only receive the items they have requested is our main priority. Additionally, we only employ branded or foreign furniture and cabinets that are of a high caliber.
  • No More Waiting- If you want us to convert your plain kitchen into a modular one, there is no need to wait any longer. Without sacrificing quality or design, we strive to provide the quickest modular kitchen services possible in the lowest amount of time.
  • Numerous Choices: Customers have access to a huge variety of options for kitchens in terms of colors, materials, patterns, and shapes. Additionally, if you have any questions or wish to make changes, we are always here to help.

Different Designs for Modular Kitchens in Kolkata

We thought this would be a little confusing for you guys, so let’s go over the differences between modular kitchen designs:

1. A modular kitchen with a U shape

The most effective working triangles for kitchens are those that are U-shaped since they offer lots of room for both work and storage. Due of their popularity and low cost, these patterns may be seen in any home. One of the main benefits of a U-shaped kitchen is the ability to arrange seating so that family members may chat while the food is being prepared.

2. Modular L-shaped kitchen

Those that want a lot of workspaces in their kitchen are the main target market for the L-shaped kitchen. Typically found in Indian kitchens, it is a space-saving design that works for both large and small kitchens. The task is made very simple and the workflow is improved. You can make your little kitchen area feel larger using these products without spending a lot of money.

3. Island Modular Kitchen

It is a cabinet that is put in your kitchen to provide you more room for cooking tools and utensils. Kids can busy themselves in the additional sitting area while you are cooking and enjoy their meals while you are preparing for them. Since smaller kitchens cannot contain a round table or simple block station, a large kitchen should include an island.

4. Straight Modular Kitchen

This is the most common option for a kitchen among all the others because it is the most affordable and, if installed in a compact home, requires the least amount of room. The kitchen is set up on a single wall despite its simple layout. The layout of the kitchen should reflect your preferences and style while also taking the pricing and available space into consideration.

Whenever a client steps inside your office, the first thing one admires is its interior design. The more intricately it has been designed, the better are their chances of racking a deal with your company.

People visit luxurious restaurants not just for the delicious food they serve, but also for the good feelings and vibes they impart to your mind while you spend time with your loved ones. 

5. Sombre Night Straight Modular Kitchen

Sombre night modular kitchens typically follow themes that the clients specify. The carcasses and shutters in gloomy kitchens are tinted. They include every piece of equipment and material required for a kitchen. This particular kitchen is compact and measures 35 by 36 inches.

We would like to suggest that color blocking with a contrasting color of mirror frames in restrooms would help you increase the importance of those rooms. This is one of the simple ways to boost the confidence of your employees in your intellect. 

6. Electric Beauty Straight Modular Kitchen

It is a chic and stylish straight kitchen where various designs and concepts were combined to create a new beauty. It has several pieces of decor and furniture that come together to create one whole. The major goal of eclectic design is to balance the many textures and designs while also ensuring that each design has one element in common with the other elements in the space.

It gives your commercial space a unique identity of its own which you and your employees would be proud to work at. Color blocking can make your identity stand out from the clutter if you in a synchronized way. 

In case your company is a space that is commonly visited by clients and customers, then color blocking should be your priority. This will enhance brand association and add monetary value to it.

An executive room is never empty. It is usually with awards and achievements that he/she has collected over his lifetime. Wall panels with contrasting colors can be used to outshine your certificates subtly. 

7. French Rendezvous L-Shaped Modular Kitchen

Everyone like French design because of its exceptional and graceful designs, which give your kitchen an air of effortlessness and discreetness. It blends the old and the new to expose so many nuances about you, your personality, and new traits. The glossy-finished laminated PLPB and BRW Ply kitchen have measurements of 13′ 6″ X 8′ 6″.

8. PVC Modular Kitchen

Since PVC panels are non-toxic and safe, people prefer using them for kitchen cabinetry when there is moisture on the walls since they are appropriate for all rooms of the house, including the kitchen. Since they can endure heat and moisture and are simple to meld to the appropriate appearance, this is preferred to employing plywood.

You can now make a budget and start looking at Modular Kitchen Price in Kolkata because the plan and materials utilized determine the cost of a Modular Kitchen Price in Kolkata.

modular kitchen price in Kolkata

Below are a few Modular Kitchen Prices in Kolkata for homes. Let's look into it —

  • Modular Kitchen Price in Kolkata for Straight-line modular kitchens

Depending on the square feet of space and the modular kitchen’s components, a straight-line modular kitchen model could cost anywhere from Rs. 60,000 to Rs. 1,37,199. You can start by looking at pricing online and in real-life locations like Modular Kitchen Dealers in Kolkata.

  • Modular Kitchen Price in Kolkata for Modular L-shaped kitchens

Depending on the square footage and modular kitchen components, an L-shaped modular kitchen model might cost anywhere from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 2,65,799 in India.

  • Modular Kitchen Price in Kolkata for U-shaped kitchens

In India, the price of a U-shaped modular kitchen model could range from Rs. 90,000 to Rs. 4,67,599 depending on the square footage and modular kitchen components.

  • Modular Kitchen Price in Kolkata for Kitchens with parallel modular units

Depending on the number of square feet and modular kitchen components, prices for parallel modular kitchen models range from Rs. 1,50,000 to Rs. 3,10,299 and Rs. 5,36,199.

  • Modular Kitchen Price in Kolkata for Islands Modular kitchens

Adding a countertop raises the cost of this modular kitchen model, which can range from Rs. 1,14,399 to Rs. 3,77,499 to Rs. 5,43,599 depending on the square footage and modular kitchen components.

The kitchen is the heart of everyone’s house. Thus, we all want to make our kitchen as beautiful as possible. DS INFRA serve premium quality modular kitchens at the best prices. Our experts make your kitchen beautiful and functional at a minimum cost. To make your modular kitchen as per your requirement and within your budget, get in touch with us.

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