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Interior Designer in Kolkata

Best Interior Designer in Kolkata

DS INFRA is the best interior designer in Kolkata. We offer various types of interior design services like Residential Interior DesignOffice Interior DesignKitchen Interior DesignRetail Interior DesignClubhouse Interior Design, and many other services. 

If you are searching for the best interior design company in Kolkata, then you are in the right place. Because we offer premium quality interior design services at very low prices. Also, we support our customers from beginning to end. That’s why our customers trust us. Besides, we design the space based on our clients’ needs. 

Providing Interior Design Services of DS INFRA


Residential Design stands the design of residential spaces house, living room, dinning room, bedroom, kitchen, and many other spaces. 


Office Design stands the interior design of any office space or commercial space. DS INFRA offers the clients Office Interior Design Services.


DS INFRA offers hospitality interior design services to clients. Hospitality Interior Design means the design of the interior part of the hospitalities.


DS INFRA offers the clients Retail Interior Design Service. In this service, we offer the clients to design the interior part of their retail stores.


DS INFRA offers Clubhouse Interior Design Services to make your clubhouse more beautiful and attractive and increase the value of it. 


Kitchen Design is the trending type of design in today's world. A beautiful kitchen attracts the attention of the viewers and represent your personality. 

Know About The Best Interior Designer in Kolkata - DS INFRA

Bedroom Interior Design

DS INFRA is the best interior designer in Kolkata, West Bengal. We offer various types of Interior Design Services like Residential Interior Design, Office Interior Design, Kitchen Interior Design, and many other services. We are working in this industry from the last 5 years. Also, we completed more than 50 projects which include many types of home interior designing, kitchen interior designing, retail store designing, etc. Also, we work with Reliance, Domino’s, KFC, Bajaj, and many other corporate clients.

Our motto is to represent this industry in a different view. We want to make interior designing services for all categories of people. So that, everyone will be able to design their living space or any other space by interior designers. Thus, we offer interior designing services at very low prices to our clients. Thus, if you want to design your space with us, then feel free to contact us. 


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Why Choose DS INFRA

When you choose any company or any service, you always want to choose the best and within your budget. So, think about you, DS INFRA offers all kinds of interior design services at very low prices. DS INFRA is the best interior design company in Kolkata. We offer you to design the interior part of the residential as well as the commercial spaces at affordable prices. Just not offering this service at low prices, also we offer premium quality design and unmatchable customer support. We support our clients from the beginning to the end. Besides, after completing the project, we send it to the clients for review. If our clients are not satisfied with the design, they need to change anywhere, then we did it for our clients.

Also, we have more than 5 years of experience in interior designing and we completed more than 50 projects. Thus, you can trust us about the design. Also, we serve many kinds of interior design services like Residential Design, Office Design, Kitchen Design, Clubhouse Design, Retail Design, and many other services.

Some FAQs About Best Interior Designer in Kolkata DS INFRA

The cost of an interior designer in Kolkata depends mostly on the designer you are hiring. It depends on your requirements, the brands, the total carpet area, and of course the quality of raw materials used.

Any interior designer in Kolkata will charge approximately 5 to 6 lacs for an 800 square feet bedroom. Bedroom furniture can cost around 35,000 to 40,000. Wardrobes and kitchen cabinets can cost about 1200 per square foot.

Similarly for designing an office your budget should be around 3 to 5 lacs for a 500-square-foot area. Each workstation of the office will cost around 5000 to 7000 per set.

An interior designer can be paid either by cash. You can also hand over a cheque. These days UPI and other online means of transactions are being widely used.

You can pay either the entire sum once or you can pay in installments.

An interior decorator will focus on the decorative elements of the house, for example, the color of the walls, the furniture to be used the decor the bedding, etc.  An interior designer not only does these but also has other activities to do. Interior designers are formally trained and have knowledge of the interior architecture principles the general building code guidelines and also drafting skills for decoration. They mostly handle both your decoration and architectural needs.

Before choosing the right interior designer one must ask about the experience of the person who’s going to execute the task. They should also check the client reviews and look into their work portfolios. Also, make sure to come to compare the price with other interior designers. Keep in mind that you should not compromise on the quality. You can also request a free consultation before actually starting the work.

Customization- looking for customized kinds of stuff can be more expensive as compared to standard market furniture. The more you tend to customize, the more expensive it becomes.

Materials- using expensive raw materials will definitely increase the final cost of the product and the interior designer will charge you more.

Structural anomalies- having a dream with a fancy ceiling or anything similar will shoot up your cost.

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Contact us to get the best interior design services from the best interior designer in Kolkata. We provide Home Interior Design, Office Interior Design, Modular Kitchen Design, Bedroom Interior Design, and many other services. 

DS Infra

DS INFRA is the best Interior Design company in Kolkata, West Bengal. 

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