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Better known for giving one of the best ideas in the field of Interior design and architecture, DS Infra has come a long way. We provide various types of interior designing services at meager prices. Home Interior Design, Office Interior Design, Kitchen Interior Design, and many other services. From our company profile, you will be able to understand our services and our quality of work. 

What do we Serve?

We are the service providers in the field of professional architectural design. We work through productive interactions over every project that comes into our house. The tool here is our supervision experts which constitute a team of young ignited brains and people with several years of experience in their heads and hands.

The final call will always be from your end. We are the guiding torch that makes a blueprint of your thoughts mixed with our crafty heads. Your choice is always our priority. We firmly believe in maintaining long-term partnerships and achieving milestones together. Therefore we encourage client involvement in meetings and discussions with our group of architects and consultants from all fields concerned.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values

  1. We aim to become one of the top contracting companies in the field of interior design in West Bengal. Our estimated time limit set by us is 2025.
  2. Consultation from clients and professionals is primarily important in the process of designing.
  3. We value time. So our motive is to only present to you the most economically relevant ideas at your desk.
  4. We can stake ourselves on our promises. So every time we are assigned a project, our goal is to deliver the highest quality of work in the promised period.
  5. Ambitious to become the most renowned and respected Civil and Interior Designing Contracting Company with excellence in professionalism and innovation.

Fundamental Values of DS Infra

There are some core values that DS Infra has stuck to right from the day of its foundation. We would like to list them down for our dear clients and customers.

  1. Walking the extra mile is not a big deal for our people. Our motto is to serve our clients in the best possible way in which we are most concerned.
  2. Our assets are our human resources. They provide us with work and help us to be a part of their dreams. So DS Infra is faithful enough in making their dreams come out of their sleep to real structures of brick and stone.
  3. Fair, honest, and dignified treatment to every organization and individual that believes in us and our passion for our work.
  4. Better societies are made when people grow both economically and behaviorally. We have attempted to contribute as much as possible to the enhancement of our society.
  5. Teamwork is the key to success and we are never late to realize this. All our projects are accomplished through prior team play work.

Our Fields of Specialisation

It is said that the more you know about your client, the better the company can serve you. The line fits vice-versa too. Take a dig at our expanded fields of specialization so that you get a detailed idea of our expertise.

  1. All types of Civil Finishing work.
  2. All types of interior-related chores, such as fixing ceilings, furniture, cabinetry, panels, floors, and acoustic treatments if required.
  3. Integrated electrical servicing that comprises fire detection, structured cablings, wiring, earthing, lighting, background music system, DBs, and BMS integration.
  4. Full furnishing solutions. Window dressings, false floors, floor claddings, seating system, and many others.
  5. 360-degree HVAC solutions.
  6. Plumbing services.
  7. Fire-fighting equipment and services.

All the above-mentioned services once installed in your house environment are tested and verified before you pay for the full services.

We are thankful if you came here. DS Infra is full of gratitude for your patience and kind words of appreciation. I hope you liked our company profile. To design your home or office interior with us, feel free to contact us

DS Infra

DS INFRA is the best Interior Design company in Kolkata, West Bengal. 

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