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Color Blocking as the New Trend of the Present Generation on Interior Design

Colors are a way to express one’s emotions. They have a strong and long-lasting impact on our mood. Human mind based on its experience sets in their mind basic colors as a way of interpreting one’s mood. Such as red color is both a symbol of love and anger. On the other hand, the blue-white color denotes peace and serendipity. Also, black color though nowadays commonly used for fashion was a symbol of darkness and horror. These are all notions. But our current generation is going crazy about applying this color-blocking thing from fashionable clothing to the interior design of their residential and office area. 

While many of you may think that it’s very simple to compare and contrast two colors and apply them in any position of your interior. But as you may read further you are going to understand that a lot of patience and study is required to give any room the perfect appealing look it desires. 

Whether you use it in your clothes and accessory or your home interior the principle remains the same. That is to give the person or walls of the room an aesthetic and eye-catching look. You should feel like looking at it a hundred times still unsatisfied. 

What is Color Blocking? Is it necessary?

Color blocking is a concept that comes from the runways of renowned fashion designers who never lag experimenting with fashion trends. Their aim behind this was to give something new to their buyers to choose them over others. 

Color blocking can be defined as the use of two colors preferably contrasting on your house’s interior space or any other object to make it look appealing and unique. While color blocking can be directly applied to your walls, people are now preferring to use this concept taking into consideration the draperies and furniture inside the space. 

This simple trend helps you to visualize the space and how it going to look after being painted all over. Some simple instances may include the playful cubed coloring of retail space in tones of blue and its shades will give it a complementary look. 

Nowadays besides home interiors, commercial spaces are also following in the same footsteps. A combination of dark blue colored sitting chairs with a plain white discussion table gives an aspiring look to your boardrooms. Even brown color floorboards and peach hue halls give a modern look to grayscale office environments. 

Well, color blocking though not necessary is economical and gives you a style statement in the society if used appropriately. You need to understand that not every contrasting color pair is fit to glorify your space. 

To help you with choosing the right combination of colors, DS Infra has an expert team of intelligent designers and architects who are diligent enough to make your dream house. There are timelines set with us so we give each of our customers sufficient time to choose. We are bent on making your dreams come true in the most realistic manner. 

Important Principles and Rules You Should Not Forget While Color Blocking

The rules described below are unwritten in any bible of color blocking. These rules are based on personal experiences and the current trend most liked by the audience. So you may or may not agree with all of them. But we are sure that these are going to help you choose better. So here we go. 

Staying subtle is the New Rule of the House

While a lot of the general audience may think that choosing any two contrasting colors is going to empower the ambiance of the space. Well, that is a myth we want to bust out. You can use understated and subtle hues to paint both commercial and residential spaces. We don’t think that loud colors are in any way going to add that mental stability that subtle colors can add. They can be a bit distracting from the general theme and purpose of the room.

So even by staying minimal in your approach to choosing the color palette, you can add more life to your non-living room. 

1. Don’t Limit Color Blocking To Your Walls

Color blocking has a lot of scope beyond being applied to the walls solely. We have seen people making a common mistake of choosing contrasting colors for their walls but completely ignoring the design and color of their furniture and other accessory kept inside the same room. 

You may not overdo it by modifying every small thing kept in the room. But the major things like ceiling fans, chairs, tables, and lights on the roof and floor can be considered for color blocking. 

For instance, zebrawood tables, sunny yellow chairs, and royal purple sofas make an appealing combination for a family retreat room. 

2. Play with Odd Numbers of Color Blocking

You can choose three colors for getting a subtle look to any space, especially residential ones. There can be two main colors along with a neutral one. Fill your colors in boxes of squares and rectangles to add more vibrance. Natural architectural breaks like cabinets, fireplaces, and bookshelves can be used to add more elegance to color blocking. If you are planning to give your rooms a dramatic effect, then use complementary colors like blue and orange, red and green, and purple and yellow to add a striking effect

Why is Use Color Blocking in the Commercial Space?

Well, commercial areas are as important to look appealing and attractive to the office employees working over there as it is to decorate your residential area. You do it for satisfaction and in return, you get brand identity to your office. 

1. The First Impression is the Last

While you may not believe but people nowadays choose colors of their interior space based on Vastu guidelines. There is no harm in it. So if you care so much about the interior of your house and kitchen, why not invest in the interior of your working place. 

Whenever a client steps inside your office, the first thing one admires is its interior design. The more intricately it has been designed, the better are their chances of racking a deal with your company.

People visit luxurious restaurants not just for the delicious food they serve, but also for the good feelings and vibes they impart to your mind while you spend time with your loved ones. 

2. Attract the GenZ Population for Employment

While it is seen nowadays that the younger millennial and GenZ population are refusing to work in offices with dull grave interiors. Vibrant and innovative color blocking can help alleviate the mental health of employees who might be stressed out of work. these simple tactics can help you engage and influence employees working in your organization. 


We would like to suggest that color blocking with a contrasting color of mirror frames in restrooms would help you increase the importance of those rooms. This is one of the simple ways to boost the confidence of your employees in your intellect. 

3. Increase your Brand Value

People mostly judge a person’s personality based upon his/her choices for his/her company. You may be very considerate about the marketing ventures of your company. Starting from selecting a logo to a perfect tagline to collaborating with other brands, color blocking is also important in the process. 

It gives your commercial space a unique identity of its own which you and your employees would be proud to work at. Color blocking can make your identity stand out from the clutter if you in a synchronized way. 

In case your company is a space that is commonly visited by clients and customers, then color blocking should be your priority. This will enhance brand association and add monetary value to it.

An executive room is never empty. It is usually with awards and achievements that he/she has collected over his lifetime. Wall panels with contrasting colors can be used to outshine your certificates subtly. 

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Final Words on Color Blocking as the Trending Entity

Color blocking is sure to work wonders when accompanied by the intellect of great designers and architects. You get the power to convert your ordinary-looking décor into something more interesting with the help of geometrical color clocking. 


As said and explained, do not keep color blocking limited to the four walls of your house. Take advantage of architectural objects and cabinets created to enhance the look. They are there to fulfill the voids. 


Color blocking has given interior designers a new way to decorate the spaces. Though adopted from fashion clothing, color blocking is widely accepted in both commercial and residential design. There is a lot of scope in this sort of design because of its brand value and wide acceptance in the present scenario. 


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